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2020 LOH Deals Gap and Cherohala Skyway Group Ride

What a wonderful job Karen Maxwell did setting up the LOH Dragon Ride. The weather was playing with the plans but she dove right in, made some changes and it all turned out. Ten motorcycles, twelve member participated, and another member joined us Saturday for the ride to the Tail of The Dragon. We had new members, members who haven’t rode with the group for a while and the rest enjoyed getting to know them. It truly was a good group who had a good time! What a great trip along with good weather. Yes, a little rain but it turned out to be the clearing shower Saturday. Randall Maxwell had done a great job getting us to Gatlinburg Friday. Yes, he had his challenges on the way….one of the bikes had trouble in Johnson City and had to be towed but ended up joining us later Friday night. This break down was really a blessing as you can see in one of the photos, Karen and her daughter Leslie help a man get medical help for a Possible heart attack. Things do happen for a reason. My-oh-my Randall lead us on some magnificent roads leading to the Tail of the Dragon. From Gatlinburg after a hearty breakfast at Flap Jacks we got on the road around 10:30 am. We had to wait for that clearing shower. We were guided through the Foot Hills Parkway onto the U.S. 129 Harley-Davidson. Of course onto the Tail of the Dragon, not having done this before I couldn’t remark on if it was busy or not, I personally don’t think it was. We stopped at the Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort for a break. Then onto the Cherohala Skyway where we hit 5400 ft elevation with a 20 degree change in temperature. Then we stopped at the Cherohala Harley-Davidson. From there to Smokey Mtn Harley-Davidson in Maryville, Tn. Some by this time some didn’t have enough room in their motorcycles for there purchases just saying needing to purchase backrest bags, or where lucky to find room on another motorcycle! Hey, we had rain gear and it does take away room! On the way back to Gatlinburg from the dealership you would think that it would finish the spectacular roads, no, Randall took us on a road that started out with lines on the side, then no lines, onto a fairly narrow road, some of us were wondering if maybe he made a wrong turn when we came upon a one lane bridge that looked like it was made for bicycles, but no fear we crossed and ended seeing hope when lines were on the road again and we came into Gatlinburg! The Maxwell’s went the weekend before to make sure they were able to put this ride together. Again another well planned trip by the LOH with the RVHOG attending. This chapter is so fortunate to have members like them that do these rides for us.